The baby's name is Don Afraz!

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Whoa..  I finally took an effort to write again after my absence in 2013! Do you remember this kid?

Yes that's Don Sheraz. He's big now, a big brother. My previous post (in 2012!) was about the arrival of our new bundle of joy. And, here's a pic of the 'baby'...

His name is Don Afraz. My little sunshine :)

Counting Down the Days!

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Although this is going to be my second time entering the labour room, I'm now feeling so nervous knowing that I can go any day. The due date is actually on the 13th of the month. My two bags are packed, one is mine and the other one is where I put the baby's stuff. The medical card is always ready in the car.

Maybe it's because I know what to expect, which makes me feel so nervous. I'm still working at the office. Have to finish and tidy up works before I'm away for maternity leave. I think I will just work until there's sign of labour. Because I better spend my maternity leave with the baby later, rather than now while waiting for the baby to arrive.

The second thing that triggers my anxiety is to know the fact that my tummy is small. People just don't believe that I'm actually at the final stage of the pregnancy. And that makes me freaked out. I hope my LO is doing just fine, like what the doctor has been mentioning. Sheraz was 3275 grams when I delivered him. I'm actually a bit concerned how much weight this baby is gaining, but the most important thing is that he's healthy.

And last, just wanna post the latest picture taken yesterday. Sheraz already gets the idea that he's going to have a younger company soon. insyaAllah.

Riding a Bike

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This is a post about Sheraz riding his bike! For record purpose. LOL. (Warning: Some information may be out of date.)

I once posted about Sheraz's tricycle which we bought somewhere early last year (January 2011). He was 16 months old. Here are the snippet photos of the post. 

So we bought him a bike at the end of last year (December 2011) - He was 2 years and 3 months old. We were so proud that he could pedal and steer so well at the first attempt. But note, he only could push the pedal half way round. He just didn't seem to get enough push with one pedal to get the other one back round. Here's a video of how he rode the bike.

He's been riding the bike for about 9 months now. I was just out of idea on how to train him. He didn't listen and I thought that he's just comfortable with the way he pedaled.  AND  guess what, only recently he's able to pedal a full circle! Oh I'm such a proud parent. Now that I don't have to worry. He'll need to practice more so we can consider to take the training wheels off. 

Just a Picture of Myself

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MCPD: 36 weeks 2 days

Revealing my pic on the blog. This picture was taken when I was 32 weeks. I'm slightly bigger now. When I say slightly it means really slight. People keep 'complaining' that I seem to be carrying small. My doctor said the size of the baby is okay, everything is fine. I just hope that my LO is growing the way he should be. 

Room Transition

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The new LO will arrive soon and we are preparing Sheraz to be a big brother. We need more space especially when the baby arrives. So we decided that Sheraz has to sleep in his own room. 

When he was 6 months old, we moved him to his own nursery. Everything was fine and I did blog about it here. However it lasted only 2 months because of a typical old wives' tale. People just got 'paranoid' to know that a 6-month old boy doesn't co-sleep with the parents. 

We had his cot transitioned to a toddler bed, and it was attached to our bed, side by side. Even though he had his own bed, somehow the three of us always ended up cramped in our queen-size bed. You know it's not comfortable. Furthermore the tiniest among us tends to sleep so oddly! He's active even when he's sleeping. Hitting us and sometimes trying to climb onto us. Then there goes the head-butting or pushing us to one side of the bed. He sleeps everywhere! It's funny that he always gets half of the bed while I and DH have to share the other half.  Imagine if I have to co-sleep with the baby later. Wouldn't it be dangerous or what?

Sheraz's nursery - we moved him here when he was 6 months old

Transitioning the cot to a toddler's bed when he was 18 months old

His Room now

As of today the little boy has been sleeping for three weeks in his own room. We purposely do it now, not later when the baby comes. Because we don't want him to feel left out by letting him go. I and DH bought a new bed for us and recycled the old one for Sheraz. Oh yes I'm so jealous, at the age of 3 he has a queen-size bed. But knowing how active he is when he's sleeping, I think it just suits him. Still attaching the bed rail, on one side of the bed. I'm not a fan of birds that are angry LOL, but our little guy loves them so much, and we coincidentally found a set of of bedding during the Raya sale. When he first saw his room, he was like "Wow!", "Wah!" He just loves it alhamdulillah.

It's Sheraz's 3rd Birthday!

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He turns three today! Look how time flies. We had a birthday party at his school yesterday. We are thinking to register him at other school nearer our place next year. It's going to be sad for him that's why we decided to throw him a party, and our little boy was really excited. We're so happy. Alhamdulillah.

The invitation card

I never mentioned here on the blog that he is really obsessed on ANGRY BIRDS since he started playing the game somewhere in last year. He was only one year old when he could unlock our iPhone and has started playing iPad since then! Guess what, his favorite character is the black bird which he calls "Angry Bird poooh". I know this black bird is less attractive than the rest of the birdies. For all you know, it could be because this bird is the Bomb so he must be powerful. I just couldn't believe at such a young age he has his own 'amazing' preference! I designed the cake - pretty much LOL (will write about it in a separate entry) and of course got somebody to make it for us, it's made by Vanilla Pastry.

Here are some of the pictures taken, the cheecky boy, his teachers and friends!

Thank you for looking :)

The Ninth Month

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I know It's embarrassing to delay writing blog posts on my second pregnancy. With all the works I'm juggling with I guess I need to make an effort to write! Or there won't be any record at all. 

So here I am. I'm now almost 36 weeks pregnant. Finally entering the month that I've been waiting for. It's just the month that almost every pregnant lady has been looking forward to. (Not that I'm all ready to hold the baby though!)

This was taken when LO was 16 weeks old in my tummy

LO has been doing so well, except for last week's appointment. He was measured a week smaller than he's supposed to. But the doctor didn't seem concerned about it. So I guess I shouldn't be worried. Fetuses, like all children, develop at their own rates. The measurements are just based on averages. Most babies just won't be exact, right?

He's been kicking, moving a lot and doing not-so-fun rib tickling! I started feeling a little spare on air about 6 weeks ago. A trip upstairs makes me feel as if I've just run marathon. But I can tell that I'm still fit. I just don't get exhausted too fast. I still can walk fast and do a lot of things. What bothers a bit is the leg cramps especially in the morning every time I stretch my legs. My feet seem to be a little swollen, but very unnoticeable. 

Most of these symptoms are pretty much what I felt during my first pregnancy! Up to this point, I just know what to expect. Will update more and more :)  (Hopefully soon!)

I'm Back and Killing the Dust

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I'm kind of trying to clean this dusty old blog and start to write something I had missed. So Don Sheraz is two, to be exact he's now 2 years and 8 months old! He's getting smarter; but okay, I'm not proud to say this but he's also a 'terrible twos' expert. I'm gonna start here with the day Sheraz turned two.

Here are some pictures taken on his 2nd birthday, 8 months ago. We had a small birthday party attended by Roy's relatives. It was a group of 20-25 people. It wasn't really a planned party. We just thought about it in the morning and everyone managed to come in the afternoon.

 Look at the excited faces. This was before everyone came. Looked cute in Batik.

If you had read my previous post some time ago, I mentioned about Sheraz's best friend, Hippie the orange hippopotamus. Because the dad loves him so much, he made a duplicate of the buddy. And he was really a huge cake.

I cooked simple food. We had spaghetti, salad and fried chicken.

To cut long story short, finally a picture of the three of us.