The Ninth Month


I know It's embarrassing to delay writing blog posts on my second pregnancy. With all the works I'm juggling with I guess I need to make an effort to write! Or there won't be any record at all. 

So here I am. I'm now almost 36 weeks pregnant. Finally entering the month that I've been waiting for. It's just the month that almost every pregnant lady has been looking forward to. (Not that I'm all ready to hold the baby though!)

This was taken when LO was 16 weeks old in my tummy

LO has been doing so well, except for last week's appointment. He was measured a week smaller than he's supposed to. But the doctor didn't seem concerned about it. So I guess I shouldn't be worried. Fetuses, like all children, develop at their own rates. The measurements are just based on averages. Most babies just won't be exact, right?

He's been kicking, moving a lot and doing not-so-fun rib tickling! I started feeling a little spare on air about 6 weeks ago. A trip upstairs makes me feel as if I've just run marathon. But I can tell that I'm still fit. I just don't get exhausted too fast. I still can walk fast and do a lot of things. What bothers a bit is the leg cramps especially in the morning every time I stretch my legs. My feet seem to be a little swollen, but very unnoticeable. 

Most of these symptoms are pretty much what I felt during my first pregnancy! Up to this point, I just know what to expect. Will update more and more :)  (Hopefully soon!)


NoEn said...

wah...dh tak lama tu...berdebar lak rasanya...hehe

Rose said...

Hehe. Itu lah, berdebar pulak!