It's Sheraz's 3rd Birthday!

He turns three today! Look how time flies. We had a birthday party at his school yesterday. We are thinking to register him at other school nearer our place next year. It's going to be sad for him that's why we decided to throw him a party, and our little boy was really excited. We're so happy. Alhamdulillah.

The invitation card

I never mentioned here on the blog that he is really obsessed on ANGRY BIRDS since he started playing the game somewhere in last year. He was only one year old when he could unlock our iPhone and has started playing iPad since then! Guess what, his favorite character is the black bird which he calls "Angry Bird poooh". I know this black bird is less attractive than the rest of the birdies. For all you know, it could be because this bird is the Bomb so he must be powerful. I just couldn't believe at such a young age he has his own 'amazing' preference! I designed the cake - pretty much LOL (will write about it in a separate entry) and of course got somebody to make it for us, it's made by Vanilla Pastry.

Here are some of the pictures taken, the cheecky boy, his teachers and friends!

Thank you for looking :)


Moments to Remember said...

Happy birthday sheraz! Dona, rindu dgn nursery sofea ni. Tapi kenak teacher sama tp suasana lain? Tukar temPat ke?

Rose said...

Itu lah, masa post ni, teringin nak bagi tau Sofea, suruh dia tengok :)
Ntah dia ingat lagi tak teacher2?
Nursery dah pindah ke tadika, opposite tempat nursery lama tu.