Room Transition

The new LO will arrive soon and we are preparing Sheraz to be a big brother. We need more space especially when the baby arrives. So we decided that Sheraz has to sleep in his own room. 

When he was 6 months old, we moved him to his own nursery. Everything was fine and I did blog about it here. However it lasted only 2 months because of a typical old wives' tale. People just got 'paranoid' to know that a 6-month old boy doesn't co-sleep with the parents. 

We had his cot transitioned to a toddler bed, and it was attached to our bed, side by side. Even though he had his own bed, somehow the three of us always ended up cramped in our queen-size bed. You know it's not comfortable. Furthermore the tiniest among us tends to sleep so oddly! He's active even when he's sleeping. Hitting us and sometimes trying to climb onto us. Then there goes the head-butting or pushing us to one side of the bed. He sleeps everywhere! It's funny that he always gets half of the bed while I and DH have to share the other half.  Imagine if I have to co-sleep with the baby later. Wouldn't it be dangerous or what?

Sheraz's nursery - we moved him here when he was 6 months old

Transitioning the cot to a toddler's bed when he was 18 months old

His Room now

As of today the little boy has been sleeping for three weeks in his own room. We purposely do it now, not later when the baby comes. Because we don't want him to feel left out by letting him go. I and DH bought a new bed for us and recycled the old one for Sheraz. Oh yes I'm so jealous, at the age of 3 he has a queen-size bed. But knowing how active he is when he's sleeping, I think it just suits him. Still attaching the bed rail, on one side of the bed. I'm not a fan of birds that are angry LOL, but our little guy loves them so much, and we coincidentally found a set of of bedding during the Raya sale. When he first saw his room, he was like "Wow!", "Wah!" He just loves it alhamdulillah.


FairyGodmother said...

Awwwww...congrats sheraz! What afun n funky new room! All the best rose..take care! xxox

Rose said...

Thank you. You too take care kak Wina.

NoEn said...

wah bestnya sheraz ad bilik sendiri...alya xde pun sbb mama yg xmo pisah tidur ngan dia...huhu

Rose said...

Asalkan masih serumah ok lah, Nureen. Kalau dia menginap rumah nenek dia, baru saya susah hati :D