Sheraz is 6 months, 1 week and 1 day old

The day Sheraz hit the 6 month mark was the day we moved him to his own room. We have been planning for it and have decided to wait until he is 6 months old.

And so now the time has come. These are few reasons why we want to 'let him go':-

First reason is because he tends to be restless when we're around. I don't want him to hear us and wake him up since we always sleep later than him.

Second is because we want him to get used to it and cultivate this habit. The same as our decision of not letting him sleep in our bed.

Third is because we hope that Sheraz will be more likely to grow into an independent and confident child. As long as he's happy and feel secured, he will not be worried about sleeping alone, as this is what he has come to expect.

Fourth is because we have set his room before he was born. And me, being a neat-freak, like to have his cot to belong to the room because it's cute. (I know I'm a freak)

Fifth is because we need privacy and we need to sleep better too!

Monitor is not included in our budget for the time being. So we keep his and our doors opened. His room is the opposite of ours, right down a very short hallway so I can hear him anytime with my supermom ears.

The first night he woke up 3 times. I guess he was trying to adapt himself to a new ambiance. The second night he settled back into routine, which is waking up once at night and wakes up for the day around 5.30 am. After a few days his sleep routines became little longer. Sometimes I leave him alone in his room, slowly he has started recognizing his room and everything in it. Alhamdulillah he's fine.


::Ida:: said...

awww.. senang la sheraz boleh duduk bilik sendiri. i dont think hariz is ready/able to sleep in another room. because i always put him to bed earlier while me n wan go down stairs to watch tv. tapi tak sampai 30mins, dia bangun. bagi tido balik, then few minutes later, bangun balik. haih....

donarose said...

Ida, kalau dia nangis mmmg dia bangun or separuh mamai2? afraid if he actually is not awake cause sometimes babies are just being restless. Sometimes we just have to wait like 10mins to go to him when he's crying or merengek. If he can't settle himself then only we pick him up.

xpa, lama2 Hariz ok. sheraz pun sometimes merengek cause he doesn't like to be left alone when playing. Kalau masa tidur, dia xperasan la kan kita tinggal. :D

DonaRema said...

lucuuu kak tempelan anma nya..

donarose said...

Di Kuching aja ada masa di sana ga ada? Kalau mau kk beli EMA- 3 letters only ok? :b