I'm Back and Killing the Dust

I'm kind of trying to clean this dusty old blog and start to write something I had missed. So Don Sheraz is two, to be exact he's now 2 years and 8 months old! He's getting smarter; but okay, I'm not proud to say this but he's also a 'terrible twos' expert. I'm gonna start here with the day Sheraz turned two.

Here are some pictures taken on his 2nd birthday, 8 months ago. We had a small birthday party attended by Roy's relatives. It was a group of 20-25 people. It wasn't really a planned party. We just thought about it in the morning and everyone managed to come in the afternoon.

 Look at the excited faces. This was before everyone came. Looked cute in Batik.

If you had read my previous post some time ago, I mentioned about Sheraz's best friend, Hippie the orange hippopotamus. Because the dad loves him so much, he made a duplicate of the buddy. And he was really a huge cake.

I cooked simple food. We had spaghetti, salad and fried chicken.

To cut long story short, finally a picture of the three of us.


amirah said...

sheraz's latest pics takdek ke? : )

Rose said...

Hai Amirah.
Ada, belum letak lagi sbb tgh warming up :D

NoEn said...

rumah baru nampak...baru ade semanagt nk berblog kan?hehe

happy belated birthday sheraz ;)

Rose said...

Terima kasih Nureen. :)
Ye lah semangat sikit. Tapi semangat tu selalunya cepat padam balik :D