Counting Down the Days!

Although this is going to be my second time entering the labour room, I'm now feeling so nervous knowing that I can go any day. The due date is actually on the 13th of the month. My two bags are packed, one is mine and the other one is where I put the baby's stuff. The medical card is always ready in the car.

Maybe it's because I know what to expect, which makes me feel so nervous. I'm still working at the office. Have to finish and tidy up works before I'm away for maternity leave. I think I will just work until there's sign of labour. Because I better spend my maternity leave with the baby later, rather than now while waiting for the baby to arrive.

The second thing that triggers my anxiety is to know the fact that my tummy is small. People just don't believe that I'm actually at the final stage of the pregnancy. And that makes me freaked out. I hope my LO is doing just fine, like what the doctor has been mentioning. Sheraz was 3275 grams when I delivered him. I'm actually a bit concerned how much weight this baby is gaining, but the most important thing is that he's healthy.

And last, just wanna post the latest picture taken yesterday. Sheraz already gets the idea that he's going to have a younger company soon. insyaAllah.


NoEn said...

berdebarnya rasa...sure dh tahu gender baby kn? boy ke girl?

Rose said...

aah Berdebar sangat. ehemm masih Rahsia, Nureen. :p

misha.w said...

heyyyyy..dah nak bersalin dah. cepatnyaaaa!

Rose said...

Tu lah Misha. x terasa!

Hanis MY said...

Semoga dipermudahkan

Rumah hanis dkt sgt dgn rumah pitt