My Weight


I once posted about my Postpartum Changes. So the last time I checked my weight was two months ago. Recently I did check it again and owh I was so surprised! The scale read 43 kilograms which means I have lost 7 kilograms = 15.4 lbs from my pre-pregnancy figure. My BMI says I'm underweight.

Almost everyone tries to lose weight after giving birth. But as for me, I lose weight easily to the extent that I don't want it to keep going as I'm afraid I'd look like an anorexic. Is it a Yay or Nay? I credit my weight loss to breastfeeding because sometimes I eat like a construction worker, am constantly hungry, not under pressure and not dieting. And for sure I haven't been working out at ALL so that's the only reason I can think of for the weight loss: Breastfeeding.

I figure, as long as I'm eating well and getting all of the nutrients I need, and am feeling good THEN I should be fine. BUT I have to get myself EAT more. For the time being I want to enjoy the result regardless how a little frightened I am now.


ibudhani said...

hai mama sheraz...

slim nyer... xpela as long u mkn mknn yg berkhasiat shud b fine la kot..

jz nk share cite i pas naik keje...heheh i pn slimming down after abes pantang...1st day naik opis sume org tegur slimnyer n berseri2...(heheh perasannyer aku!!)

i thk myb cos i pakai bengkung sampai abes pantang n mkn mknan yg berkhasiat (ikan tenggiri la, syur sawi,lobak putih, bayam etc) + still mkn obimin (multvits) kot jd cmtu....

tp....after 3,4 mons naik keje....nafsu mkn i teruks sgt.. selera tajam sekali....mmber pn mcm x caya je tgk i dh teruks dh moncet!!! hehehe i dh start control blk mkn secukupnyer je bkn mkn melantak...heheh x diet nnti xcukup supply lak shuhshu....

ella said...

hi there!

well good for u as u need to do nothing to lose weight while most of us struggle gile2. maybe it's in ur gene. :)

don't worry la as long as u r healthy. people would be jealous tau!

Anonymous said...

hey we're in the same boat!!

pre-preggy i was 41kg.
1st trimester became 37kg coz bad bad morning sickness.
exactly after giving birth i was around 47kg.
habis pantang i became 43kg.
and now maintaining 41kg.

i'm blessed to have great metabolism & abundance milk production!!

still i got remarks like "uh she's anorexic" or "duh, she got malnutri probs".

its a cruel world..ur's slim ppl talks, ur solid still ppl talk.

but since we're the master of our body, as long as we r healthy & happy..who give a toot what other say, kan?

donarose said...

salam. thank you everyone :)

This is my 4th month working after confinement period. Maybe the same thing would happen to me. We don't know. First time mom, lacks of experience and.. worries too much. lol.

I also suspect it's because of my gene to0 since I was a skinny girl before I entered uni.Now am back to my old shape. But as I said it's maybe now too early to say, we don't know what will happen to our body in the next few months.

Mama Miya:
Yay glad to know I got a company in this boat. lol. you're right. We just have to be grateful for what we are.