Unwanted Milk Reduction

Sheraz is 6 months and 5 days old

Previously Sheraz's average daily milk consumption was 4 cups of 3.5 to 5 oz of milk. Those are to exclude night time feedings. Since he started solids, it seems that Sheraz himself has eliminated one milk portion per day. Because by the end of the day, I only get 3 empty cups out of 4 which I send to the nursery in the morning. And surprisingly I even sometimes bring home TWO empty cups ONLY, which makes me think he only takes two bottles in more than 9 hours(?)(!)

He's doing okay. It's just that I'm worried, as I believe milk is supposed to be his MAIN FOOD but somehow he only takes a little of it. BM is most important, solids are just for practice and exposure to tastes/textures. He won't be taking enough solids for proper nutrition until somewhere around a year. Now I wonder whether he gets enough of what his body needs. Younger Sheraz could get more of it why can't he now? Does he have a real heavy lunch? But he tends to refuse food when I feed him during weekend.

Nevertheless, in the evening everything is normal and almost identical for the past few months. He'd normally have 3 nursing sessions before going to bed and wake up once or twice at night to nurse.

Below pictures are the feeding necessities which I wash and sterilize every day. They are not as 'wondrous' as those of the previous days where I got more bottles and cups to handle.

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