Escape to Movie ~Part 2

I shall write something 'light' here.

Should I show off here and let Sheraz know (by the time he's able to read bunda's blog) that we managed to escape to movie - AGAIN? And again, this is last week's story.

We sent Sheraz to Roy's mom and drove our way to the cinema. We watched the 3D. If I may review, the movie is not as 'bright' as AVATAR. On a scale of 1 to 10 where 10 is the highest, I'd rate it a 6.4. Even if I had got a review from a friend who had recommended me not to go, we still insisted to. The reason is #1 I was so curious to watch how an Alice in Wonderland fairytale turned movie. #2 I like Johnny Depp (the second after Keanu Reeves). lol. But seriously, it wasn't that disappointing. Owh and by the way, shouldn't I be the one who sleep in the movie, since it is my 'cute' habit. Nah, I didn't. But in fact DH did this time. He said he didn't like the storyline. What to expect duh, it's a fantasy movie~!

ps. This is another thing, but related to Keanu.

Roy hasn't cut his hair for a few months. So currently he got a slightly long wavy hair (don't worry, it doesn't look like the above pic though). I asked him to cut like Keanu's in Speed. He asked me "Do you want me to cut my hair because you want me to look like him or you want me to look neat? He knows I like Keanu, so he might be jealous. Honestly, I don't see any difference in those Qs. And so I said "both".

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DonaRema said...

aku nonton juga kaaakkk..
aku bilang juga ni film biasa ajaaa..
klo AVATAR memang kereeen bgt..