Confession of a 'bad' Mommy

I may not be wicked. It's just the naughty side of me, which is STILL there even if I now hold the title of a mother. These are the no-no's but I had done it a few times anyway.

1. I once knew that Sheraz had pooped and handed him to DH. When DH asked "What is that smell?", I pretended like I didn't know.

2. I was running late for work. Sheraz pooped right when we were about to leave but we still left the house anyway. When I got to the nursery I told them he just did it in the car.

3. Sheraz woke up at night to drink. Normally he'd sleep straightaway after nursing but one night, he wanted to play instead. I just put him back in his cot and so I went back to sleep. A few minutes later he couldn't pacify himself and made this grunting sound as if calling me, asking for a company. But I just slumbered, hibernating, expecting DH to wake up and entertain the baby. DH ended 'playing' with him for almost 2 hours!

4. One weekend I delayed bathing Sheraz until almost 11 am because I was busy online the whole morning.

5. Now that it's getting real hard to change Sheraz's diaper because he likes to roll over and sit. One way I once did was trying to get his attention by making sound, a creepy one. Sheraz was afraid and he cried so loud that I felt so guilty. Poor baby.

That's all what I can think of. Perhaps that proves I'm not really bad. LOL. Hopefuly there won't be any part 2 of this.


Anonymous said...

its ok to slack off once a while..all supermom needs a time-off sometimes..


being trixy might save ur sanity too..

donarose said...

Thank you mama Miya! you're right.

I'm glad somebody said that :D

||kiena|| said...

Baik nya Roy,..

Hmmm Im akan smbung saja tdo klu dgr Ziyaad nangis unless kiena gerak dia n minta tlg tgk kan ziyaad. Smlm ziyaad nangis lepas da buhsan main dgn Im, Im sumbat je pacifier biarkan smpi senyap si Ziyaad,.. macam2 kan perangai papa ziyaad nih,..

donarose said...

haha. lucu lah Ims. sama lah, perangai 'bujang' masih melekat. lol. Slow2 kot, 1st time parents lah katakan.