Escape to Movies

This is last two weeks story which has been an entry draft for quite some time. I've been so occupied (and tired) that I don't have enough time to reward myself by being online. Works are never ending (not complaining though). Each day after one whole day at the office there's always an evening shift - which is at home. I don't know how the super working moms out there do it without helper, especially if they got other children!? erm.. just trying to put myself in their shoes. By the time I'm there I'd be saying "How couldn't I cope with only a baby?" But seriously, things are not happening as bad as what I'm trying to describe. I'm still alive and kicking. Guess what, to have DH cook everyday means everything is so much better and under control! I'm so thankful! Not only we have dinner, we also have something to pack for lunch the next day. Yes, leftovers stretch the lunch budget.

-end of introduction-

SO Last two weeks I and DH managed to watch movies! Why I mentioned 'managed' is because there's barely time for us to spend just the two of us together since the arrival of the little bundle of joy. When we got the opportunity, the first thing came to mind was watching movie. The last time I watched movie at the cinema was when I was 8 months pregnant. So it's been like more than half a year.

Both of us worked on the Saturday (of the last two weeks). Even if I never liked overtime, I have to say that finally we got an 'excuse' to go out. So we had to send Sheraz to Roy's mom. After work we spent like 3-4 hours before fetching the baby.

I have missed lots of good movies. So I didn't mind watching end of last year's film. It's Universal Soldier: Regeneration, the cruelest movie I ever recalled. Though I have to admit that the action is great till the very end. And I really appreciate the less dialogue! (Too much useless dialogue always drives me nuts, just like Transformers, I slept through more than the second half because I couldn't stand robots talking!).

On the way to fetch Sheraz I cried. It was Saturday, I thought that I should be spending my precious weekend with my baby, but I watched movie instead. But the drama didn't last long because I assented when DH offered to watch Avatar in 3D the next day. Since it's a movie that has been played for more than a month and since it's in 3D, they only had it played at 10 PM. Watching movie while Sheraz is sleeping doesn't make me feel like a bad mother *roll eyes*. So that night we had my sister in law slept over at our place. As usual, after the final nursing session of the day, Sheraz slept at 9 PM. We managed to 'escape' again, be back home nearly around 1 AM and found that Sheraz hadn't woken up at all.

Night time movie can be interesting (less guilt, perhaps). We may give it another try next time. But DH gives me only 10% to the possibility of me watching movie till the very end. As per previous records, I always sleep during night time movie, even through the best parts. What I mentioned about the useless-dialogue-drive-crazy thing is completely a lie just an excuse.

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