I found it!

[Sorry for the blur image]

I know DH is not going to kill me but at least he'd be shocked to know this.

That's my birthday gift from him. Few days ago I wore it before leaving to office and only realised the next day that I had it on my wrist no more. I couldn't concentrate on my work when I knew it's gone. I didn't remember I ever took it off, so it had to have fallen off somewhere between home and office. I searched high and low at the office and hoped to have it stuck in one of my bag compartments. no. Suddenly I really wanted to look for at in the car. And guess what there it was, on the carpet where I sat the day before.

I should be more appreciative to the things hubby gave. Anything. Oh yes, he gave me the bracelet together with the casing. When he passed it to me, I asked "What is Tomei?" Which now I think is as silly as someone who asks "What is Habib Jewelry?"

To DH, Thank you so much, I'm sorry and I love you :P

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