Happy Five Months

Dear little Sheraz,

Yesterday you turned 5 happy months old. You currently weigh 7.5 kilograms. We are happy to have you here. You are an active, happy and a strong hearted little baby. You never complained or got fussy when you catched fever. When you had stuffy and blocked nose you kept adjusting your position yourself to make it easier to breath. Never you cried because of it. Now you can stand assisted on my lap. You love to push yourself up. Every time we lie you down you'd always roll over. Even if sometimes you hate being on tummy, you'd still flip, cry but keep on rolling over and cry all over again.

Bathing you is getting much harder. The bathtub seems to be a little outgrown. Your slippery soapy body likes to turn, you like to slide and splash around. Since you like to swim, now you treat your bathtub as if it's your pool. Sometimes you even like to have your face near to the water and it makes me nervous and on edge. You're so excited to be in the water that you protest when it's time to lift you out of it.

Sheraz - our little sunshine. Last month was no friend to your skin. Since you've been drooling heavily, your skin has been getting chapped because of the saliva. You have dry, sensitive skin and you are allergic to something which the doctor said is not easy to figure. I have been cutting nuts and seafood to my diet and slowly cutting dairy products too. I'm afraid your allergy is due to the things I consume. Honestly it's quite hard for me to follow the advice, as I'm much of a chocolate person. But if it's for your own goodness, I'd try do anything even if it means to skip my all time favorite. I hope you have better glow healthy skin soon.

Sheraz - our sweetheart, you've been on a schedule since two months ago. You're such a co-operative young boy. You sleep around 8 and 9 PM. You'd wake up once at night and wake up for the day around 6 in the morning. When I need to do some works, you mostly know how to pacify yourself. I put you on your chair and let you watch your favorite learning video while I'm doing the household chores. If you get bored you'd give signals. And when I come to you, you'd give me a big smile and some giggles.

Sheraz, we love you since the very beginning. I love being your mother. As long as I'm living my baby you'll be.

Hugs and Kisses,


::Ida:: said...

Happy 5 month sheraz!! lagi 1 month boleh start solid dah kan? :P

donarose said...

thnk you. aar, nak try solid next month!

azimah-Butik Nur Kasih said...

chubby baby!! salam perkenalan :)