Postpartum Changes

Childbirth definitely left some changes on me physically. The latest I got is losing my hair! It's horrifying to find my hair falling out by the handful! It makes me not want to comb it. I was starting to think that something was seriously wrong with me, then suddenly I recalled kak Wina's post some time ago. Guess what losing hair after giving birth is normal. Theoretically my hair should be back to its normal thickness within another six months or so. Hope I'll be noticing 'baby hair' growing out soon. Or I'll be freaking out each day.

On top of that, I got jelly belly. Although it doesn't look fat but it's getting flabby and I think I need to get rid of it. Is it possible to get it back to the pre-pregnancy shape?

Anyway, seriously I'm not complaining.

One of the good things I notice is that I now have less skin breakouts. yay! ..and I'm getting slim - to be exact I'm getting skinny.

*1st pic was taken when I was 38 weeks and 2 days pregnant

*2nd one was taken a week after confinement ( as of today, I'm actually skinnier than that).

DH prefers my old shape though. He once made a joke of me. He said he mistakenly thought I was a coat hanger. (?) : Well understandable, I can tolerate the teasing. But this is good enough for record though cause once I'm getting fat, he should remember what he has complained. lol


::Ida:: said...

mcm kena sedut the lemak :P

donarose said...

baby yang sedut :b