Eversince Sheraz arrived, more than half of my time has been occupied with the baby. More often than not the word 'us' has been referred to bunda and the baby. There is one individual who seems to be mistreated - the dearly loved husband..

At this juncture, I would like to make a deep apology to DH for being such a thoughtless self. Though he has been a good husband and father, I still have complaints over things. I know I'm so wretched.

DH has been a good companion to me. Eventhough he may act as a typical guy who can be irritating (yes- sometimes), but I could not ask for a better other half.

During my confinement when I was at a very low point of despair, DH was the intense character who had the support for me. Indeed he always does.

I am a first time mom who does a can-be-so-nerve-wrecking fulltime job, and yet I'm an easy-to-be-nervy-and-tense type of person. I have to contend with demanding every day doings. Hence at home I can be maddening at times. Though I know DH gets annoyed with me but he's cool occasionally. He doesn't help me to do the household chores, he in actual fact does the chores. In our society a woman is automatically the only one who does household tasks or takes care of the kids. Why? Eventhough both are in a job. It's weird to let the women put up with the burden, and yet they're the weak ones. As of us alhamdulillah we play both our roles together as partners and parents, as a team. While I do the cleaning, washing or ironing; DH does the cooking! When Sheraz needs attention, we both take turn. And he always wins in terms of calming Sheraz when the little guy gets fussy. Well, I could not ask for a better partner in parenting.

Here I would like to express gratitude to DH for his awesome deeds towards us; me and the baby.

..But as for me, as a wife, I know I'm still lacking in many things. I should be a better companion for DH. The first step is not to be an insensitive partner. In this matter, having Sheraz is like a test. I need to bear in mind that DH is also somebody to take care of. I miss the time when our little family was only the two of us. Not to mean without Sheraz, but to have the strong feeling of belonging each other. Now that we have the little wonderful addition in the family, I should be more grateful and keep the bond among each other well.

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