Sheraz is sitting up!

Sheraz is 6 months and a day old

Today we witnessed Sheraz's able to sit up on his own for the first time at 7:20PM. He sat unassisted but in a few minutes he'd fall forward and balance himself in tripod position. He leaned on his arm to balance himself. He did it three times before getting cranky because he was sleepy. Hence we didn't get to snap a picture. Yesterday he showed us that he's able to push up on hands and knees in a crawling position and rock back and forth. Now I know he was actually trying to sit.

Bravo Sheraz!


ibudhani said...

seronok kan tgk progress bb... nnti pas bb dh pandai duduk dgn stabil dia main pusing2 lak dgn toys yg dia pegang...kiyut sgt...

aida said...

wahh.. so fast... 6 mnths da start blajar duduk... clever boy!!! :)

donarose said...

aar lah, excited sangat. :D
yer ker? x sabar tengok apa lg yg dia boleh buat next.

Kak Aida:
Aar. Ada budak start duduk awal lagi, ada jugak yg sedikit lambat. Sheraz punya milestone lebih kurang sama ngan kat buku. alhamdulillah. x lama lg turn kak aida plak tengok progress the little one!