Happy Six Months

Dear little Sheraz,

Happy half birthday, bunda's little angel. Today marks six whole amazing months since the day you were born. I can't imagine how time flies.

You're a full of energy young boy. You wake yourself up in the morning to dive into your day and explore the world around you eagerly. Everyday is an exploration day to you. You put things in your mouth, you rock on your tummy, kick your legs and reach for your toys. You're so excited during tummy time, I know that you are now learning to control your body. Today we saw you tried to crawl! You used your knee to move forward and managed to move by 'jumping' like a frog. I could not have been happier to see you grow and reach each of the milestones. Even if you're still learning to crawl, you are already able to reach for things by rolling and pushing your feet until you reach the target. Your little fingers would try to touch the objects you aim. When you manage to grab it, you'd make excited sound, look at me with a shy smile.

You would laugh and get excited when you play with toys that make squeaky noise and those with bells inside. Your most favorite toy for the time being is Eddie, which I named it Ms. Ally. Eddie is a colourful purple elephant that holds two teether rings which you really like to bite. You also like to play with his rattle ears and put them in your mouth. You're so excited to see Eddie. And yes, you chose it yourself when we brought you to the toy store. You just couldn't let go of it once you held it in your hand.

Sheraz, now that it's been 6 solid months that I've been exclusively breastfeeding you. I will continue as long as Allah permits. I love to have you in my arms. These are the moments I wish I could save and put in a jar for when you are all grown up and you no longer fit on my shoulder.

Sheraz, bunda's little sunshine. You have to know that bunda and ayah love you so much from the very beginning. We want you to be a good personality, a good believer. You're an amazing character indeed. You have to obey Allah in everything, at all times. One day you shall understand it. I am humbled by your little spirit and the responsibility we have been given. May Allah protect you Sheraz. Keep on shining, and be happy always.

Hugs and kisses,


ibudhani said...

kiutnye puff tu.... cube bau jari bb..best kan masham....

donarose said...

dulu masa pakai mitten lagi la, mitten dia bau masam. hehe

aida rasol said...

so sweet mommy dona.... :)

donarose said...

kak Aida: :) Kite suka buat open letter untuk bb. kalu dpt setiap bulan!