Today somebody really tried my patience by being a jerk who thinks he's much smarter than everyone. But fine, this was not the first time and I didn't mind.

When I tried to HELP him as boss asked me to monitor and help this PROUD guy, despite my works in hand, he just flew into a temper and said that it's better to handle the work himself. He always acts smart but unfortunately the fact that his ability to deliver the deadline he promises is always a doubt to the boss, doesn't proof he's good enough. His works are not as 'marvellous' as his talkings. And, he likes to cut people off when they are telling him something because he wants people to know that he knows, yes HE KNOWS EVERYTHING.

So today I did intercom asking him to print out something for discussion. My sentence went half way because he said he knew about it and quickly hanged up the phone. Heck, that was so bloody rude. Putting down the phone while somebody is trying to explain something. Hasn't anybody ever taught him? And I was in a very good mood. To mean that I had no problem with him! Why would he start lighting the fire?!

My friend said he's bodoh-sombong, which I NEVER DARED to say that so. I don't know what's the problem with him. His being-smart attitude is not something unusual, fine, but the irritating behaviour seems to be intolerable. If he thinks he's smart and cannot accept instructions then he's sitting at the wrong place.

I hate.


aida rasol said...

dona, just ignore ppl like this. Dont offer him anymore, let him find himself... this kinda ppl cannot compromise...

donarose said...

thnks kak Aida. like roy said: buat dunno. why should i make myself miserable.