Fussy Walker

The other day when I visited Sheraz at his nursery I was surprised to see him moving in the walker. But it's only moving backward. He's not able to move forward yet or control himself to where he should stir. At home, he barely can move in his walker as his feet have not reached the ground properly. The one he has at the nursery is slightly lower. I saw him quite steady, no need to be propped to sit. I told DH about it. DH said it's no wonder the little guy was angry when DH put blanket at his tummy for his sitting support. So fine, now we know he needs no more prop.

Today he was crying so I put him in the walker. I wiped his tears and snotty nose, but he continued crying. So I pulled him up but he screamed, crying and looking at the walker. He screamed even louder as I walked away. So I put him back in it and he smiled excitedly then pressed the music button eagerly and spinned the toys impatiently. When I tried to clear his nose, he was back crying terribly. So now I know that he doesn't like to be disturbed while he's in the walker. I tried to touch him, he started to cry again. So fussy.

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