Today's Lunch

..turned out to be unsuccessful.

At this point Sheraz only eats once a day as I keep his solid foods as supplement only, where milk is still the main part of his diet. And he still seems to be fine with it.

So, DH is on duty travelling for a few days, leaving both me and Sheraz at home, which is a no big deal since we get used to it. Well, for this month this is the third time he's away for a couple of days.

So since Sheraz just started to learn eating, we give him fine rice cereal. He has been having it for a few days now at the nursery. The teachers said he could eat eventhough he still gags a few times. So I wanted to feed Sheraz the same cereal for lunch but unfortunately, there's no stock at home. Since I can't get the picture of me and the baby going out for shopping, I was thinking of preparing other food myself. (Normally we have DH as runner. lol. Especially during my confinement period.) So, I thought that this could be the time to introduce a more varied range of food. And ta-daa.. carrot puree of my own recipe. I boiled small chucks of half carrot, blended it and added EBM to thin it. (it's not that ingenious anyway).

The result was..

he clamped his mouth shut. I struggled to feed him as he refused to eat. I don't know whether it's because of the food or a lost of appetite. (is Bunda's food not delicious?)

He kicked his legs and it ended up messy. Mashed carrot was every where on the floor, his clothes and my clothes. Owh yes, lastly he preferred his own hand.

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