Peek-A-Boo Sheraz

Sheraz knows how to play Peekaboo in his cot and he likes it so much!

It started when I was so sleepy the other day, so I had a doze and left him play alone in his cot. After snoozing I was surprised to see him looking at me, watching me dozed off. It was funny to see his face, half-hidden behind the bumper; pointing his head up to be able to see me. He was silent, watching me. I had no idea how long he had been looking at me. I spontaneously laughed and said "peekaboo". Then he had this is-this-supposed-to-be-funny face and giggled. Afterwards he tried to do it over and over again since he thought that amused me. He played by hiding his face behind the railing then revealing it.

Now when I put him in the cot, he would adjust his position and laugh, asking to play pekaboo again.

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donarema said...

hihihihi sheraz lucu bangeettt...