Introducing Solids?

I had decided to wait and only introduce solid foods to Sheraz until he meets the 6 month mark as recommended by the clinic and the textbooks. (Yes, I can be too straightforward.) But I understand that each baby develops differently, so I may not get too hung up on the calender. Anyway, I have the followings as checklist. These are the signs when a baby is ready to eat.

1. Head control.
Sheraz's able to keep his head in a steady, upright position.

2. Losing the extrusion reflex. When he stops using his tongue to push food out of his mouth.
Not sure.

3. Sitting well when supported.
Yes, already.

4. Chewing motions.
Yes, a lot.

5. Significant weight gain. When he has doubled his birth weight.
Absolutely. He is now 7.5 kg. He weighed 3.27 when he was born.

6. Curiosity about what I'm eating.
He's been eyeing and reaching for my mug. He seems to be so interested in anything I drink or eat.

Even if he has almost all of the above signs, I choose to hold it. I love breastfeeding. Besides, I would love to prolong the 'nice' smelling diapers compared to solid food diapers. Owh that's too selfish. LOL.

Basically, when the baby is younger his digestive system simply isn't ready for solids. Plus, Sheraz seems to be prone to allergies, so delaying food other than breastmilk would be a good choice.

BUT there's something missing.

#7. Growing appetite.
He has shown he's hungry since 2-3 days ago. Milk is not enough for him, even if I gave him more, the nursery informed me that he seemed not to get enough of it. And guess what he suddenly awakened every TWO HOURS at night to nurse, just like when he was having growth spurts.

So yesterday, March 2nd 2010 - Sheraz was 5 months, two weeks and one day old, we fed Sheraz solid food for the first time.

Anyway, it's not like something in his body dramatically changes on the 6 month mark, so I think this could be the right time. He had rice cereal and had at least 7 to 10 spoons without pushing the food out of his mouth.

A new milestone. A new journey begins.

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::Ida:: said...

yeay sheraz dah start solid! hariz plak masuk 5 month ni, baru nak start tido longer at night and wake up once to feed. huhuhu