Child Car Seat is Crucial!

Bump and Bruises Stitches? Luckily it was only glue.

We've been having BIG problem ever since Sheraz knew how to unbuckle himself from his car seat. People won't believe but trust me, he uses both his thumbs to open it up. He's brilliant and tough some more. We've tried to use different kind of straps. Unlucky for us, he can still successfully escape from even the toughest and strongest strap we could find. And I'm serious. When he's in the car, he won't sit still, which is definitely very dangerous. Now everyday I and DH have to share a car to work cause either the dad or myself have to watch him while one of us is driving. It's frustrating when either one of us has to go out-station. Cause it's frustrating to drive with a kid playing to the front and the back of the car and sometimes even playing with your steering! There are a few alternatives we normally do. #1 Send him to his grandma, a day before you're due to travel. ( I hate this cause he's not with us over the night). #2 Throw him the hand-phones or bunch of toys cause he will play with them and sit still. But this normally happens only during half of the trip.

Back to what happened that morning. Unfortunate for Sheraz, he was a nice boy, sitting with his 'Hippie' at the passenger seat at the back when DH had to do an emergency brake caused him falling off the seat and hit the floor. He got a quite deep wound, so we rushed him to the hospital  :( Luckily nothing serious about it. But it is a serious thing for letting my son sit in a car without a seat belt.

The car seat is crucial. When we experienced car seat battle, no matter how loud he cries, I just didn't care as long he's properly seated in it. Now that I don't have any option. Cause no matter how hard I try to strap him, he will escape cause he knows how to unbuckle it easily.

(A picture of him a few months back. Say bye bye to car seat. The existence of it in our car is just no longer "relevant")


Sabrina Rafaella said...

Ouch. Poor little boy :(

Btw, i'm now considering strap-on car seat since SD also can un-belt himself.

Maybe you can try?
But i'm not sure what is the age limit for that.

Get well soon Sheraz :)

Rose said...

Thank you Sabrina.
Is strap-on a brand?
I just tried to google and was surprised to see what I found. nya nunjuk adult mpun barang mainan. LOL

||kiena|| said...

oh pity sheraz,.. Liam pon ade skali jatuh bila papa emergency break bila dah tak gune car seat,.. mujur tak de pape,.. mmg skrg car seat simpan utk baby plak,..

Sabrina Rafaella said...

hahahahaha! anakku ada juak dona..

misha.w said...

masalahnya, raisya pon tak suka buckle up. meraung2 mcm kena dera. huhu