Car Seat Battle

I've been having terrible time to sit him in his car seat. This almost happens everyday. It's getting frustrating to stuff a red-faced, howling 'baby' into it. I can't let him sit unbuckled cause he prefers to sit on my lap and play with the steering. There's no way I can drive with him climbing and play with the gear! He just can't sit still.

I like to give him something to play with, to distract him but that doesn't always work. Yesterday he screamed his head off and throwing a tantrum to not go in the car seat. So what I did was I spent 20 minutes pointing to all the moving cars and trucks, counted them one by one until he got bored and surrendered.

Yes, he has to know that bunda just won't give up.


Confession of a Coffeeholic Momma said...

tantrum stage..anything can be a drama to them & a test to us. i've been thru carseat drama, stroller drama, mandi drama.... now siblings jealousy/love drama.

Isabel said...

So far I've only experienced crib drama. I've yet to experience many more dramas, I'm not sure if I could handle them without losing my patience...huhu

Aida Rasol said...

I am facing the same situation everyday when i have to drive to office.
He likes to lean on the steering and end up horning and making noise in the morning.
Playing with wiper and signal light and stump on the dash board what else.Seems like i will
face the situation for another years ahead..

dona::rose said...

Mama Miya: it looks that this is just a little part of all the test we'll be dealing with. Thank you for making me realize it. :) and i'm enjoying it now

hi Isabel, let's get prepared then, mentally. After all they're kids, that's how they grow. Hope we got all the patience we need

kak Aida: I heard you. Hang in there :)

Sabrina Rafaella said...

*sniffff....In hale, out, inn...outt* <-taking a deep breathe. Great stories ladies. Thank you for sharing this dona :)

This is something that I am still learning to do; making him sit still in his car seat. A very good tips here by you :)

dona::rose said...

yes Sabrina, I know you're making good progress on making him seated properly in his seat. No more carrying him while driving! I understand, I almost did it once. Sometimes I gve him keys, my wallet (make sure there's no single coin at all), my phone and sometimes I offer him biscuits. You know non toy things are the most popular

Twiggy said...

SCORE bunda!! Yeah there are days when my little Chempedak refuses the car seat as well. but i'd rather strap her in screaming than face the risk of her terbang dalam kereta when i hit the brakes, kan?

dona::rose said...

yes Twiggy you're right. That's what i mean. i may not be mean but the crying from being strapped just wont melt me. The battle always starts when he struggles to run away and I hv to chase him .. in the car.

Anonymous said...

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