What a Night

We just had a PAMSC (Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia Sarawak Chapter) Gala Dinner. I can't recall when the last time I attended an event like this. I think it was somewhere before my first pregnancy. The theme was 60's Hippie. There were a lot of crazy supportive architects dressed in hippie style.

This is me and Sabrina. She's my ex-colleague's wife. Now we're friends (right Sabrina? lol). We mostly 'meet' at each other's blog and on occasions which involve our husbands' activities. Well now both husbands work at the same place.

By the way, this is the ballroom where we had our dinner. DH also joined. Since we are in the same field ( although  we don't work at the same firm), normally we go to the same events and seminars. By the way Sheraz was babysit by my MIL at her place. I was sitting a bit far from DH. My company's table was just next to the stage.

Snapping the food maybe a little too boring sometimes, especially to those who didn't even taste it. So I skip it here. Here are two guys I met there.

Well, actually one of them was the one who drove me there.

..and indeed he's the guy I'm married to. Please don't ask me why he was so willing to dress like that. I asked him to put on the glasses immediately after we arrived. Malu. I was like a bit embarrassed to walk next to him actually. Unlike me, he's always cool and confident.

I was happy as I won a lucky draw - a Japanese dinner buffet for two pax at Riverside Majestic Hotel. Not bad.


Sabrina Rafaella said...

Of course we are friends! I think roy dresses well. It really suits him & the theme. Ada peminat apa.. "Hi, can I take your picture?" Hahaha! It would be better if we all can wear wigs.A colorful one would be great haha!

We really had FUN right? Especially with that 'men-woman' entertainers. They were real hilarious. They were like laugh of the month for me. I wish we will have more fun events like this (harap2 ada tempat kosong juak kelak untuk kmk :P).

Don't forget Siredik's birthday tomorrow night all right! See you guys! :D

dona::rose said...

The one who asked to take picture with roy, I was worried he's a gay! lol. cause he even asked for his name card. Roy pretended like he didnt bring any and ask Dom's to pass his. So Sabrina, better watch out, somebody may be calling Dom. lol

Sabrina Rafaella said...

That was my third thought. My first thought was maybe he wanted to take photo's with him cause roy wore a suitable clothes for the theme party. (?) maybe.

And second thought was; he's drunk cause he look all reddish.

Kmk pun hairan kenak roy pandei sikda namecard mlam ya..ohhoo.. that was in his mind oo..hahhahaha! Tedah dom :P