Transition to a Toddler Bed

When he exactly turned 18 months old we finally decided it was time for Sheraz to move to his big boy bed! It's his baby cot converted to a toddler bed. He's doing quite well and his sleeping pattern is way so much better. Not to say because of the transition though. For the past three months he's been sleeping through the night. He sleeps around 9 - 10 PM and only wakes up between 5:30 - 7 AM.

He's so excited.

I had to buy a bed rail for him, one side only cause it's against the wall on the other. He was a wild sleeper in his crib. This rail prevents him from falling out of the bed. Guess what, after the transition he somehow becomes less active (while sleeping).

One of the reasons to convert his cot is because he liked to try climbing out of it. Looks like this doesn't solve the issue. Even though he can get down from the end of the bed, he still prefers climbing through the rail. I trained him to get down properly and he did listen. However there're times when he thinks that climbing is still more fun. He doesn't really do it actually for he only wants to make me feel nervous. Well, Sheraz will always be Sheraz.


Sabrina Rafaella said...

Haha! He a big boy already. That's a very cute of him. So is Sheraz still sleeping with u guys or by his own already?

✿ n0ra ✿ said...

Big boy sudah.... Good for him. BTW akak masiih interested. I'll email you for details ya. tQ Darling :)

dona::rose said...

Sabrina: yes he is a big boy and acts like a big boy. He was in his own room for a couple of months only cause our parents and the grandparents don't like the idea him sleeping alone, separately from us. sigh. So he still sleeps in our room. mat saleh boleh jak..

Kak Nora: hi :) okay I'll attend to it. Give me time k :D

*luv Syahnia* said...

sis, can give your email
lbh mudah utk kita bkomunikasi
pasal design..hihi

dona::rose said...

cik ain, you can always contact me through the 'contact' tab on my header. use the form or get the email address. Both will reach my inbox.

misha.w said...

Rose, katil tu beli kt ikea ke? Lawaaa.. Btw, design header tu u free lg x nak buat. Nak mintak buatkan utk I jugak lah. :)

dona::rose said...

Misha, bukan katil ikea. beli kat kuching jer.

Header tu boleh lagi. email jer kalau ada apa2 info. tapi kena Q sikit k ;p yang lain x habis buat lagi