Thank you Hijab Revival and Haute Hijab!

I won a competition! So this is where it started: a competition by Hijab Revival which was sponsored by Haute Hijab.  We were supposed to form opinions on vintage hijab. I was not the original winner actually (lol), but since the winner had never got into contact with the sweet Seyma, the author of Hijab Revival, so she decided to select me as one.

Look at this beautiful vintage scarf I got all the way from the US. It's made of a high quality satin polyester.

Well, just focus on the above pictures, but I just have to show you how I wear it. lol. Please excuse me, I'm a camera shy, especially when it's about purposely taking pictures to show how you look!

If you're into fashion you'll love these two awesome sites! Click on the images to visit them. Thank you!


HijabRevival.. said...

you wore it beautifully!! thanx for entering!!

Rose said...

Thanks. lol. you're welcome.