Happy Twenty Months

Dear my Little Darling Sheraz,

You just hit the twentieth month of your life. Where has all of the time gone. Now that you're getting closer to your second birthday. It's not that I hate to see you grow, but I'll be missing the babyhood soon, very soon. I love being your mom. I love to see you smile. I love to see your funny acts. I can't get your naughty face out of my mind everyday for more than 9 hours at work. You are getting smarter and smarter everyday. You love to laugh, giggle and sing! Although you're constantly active and busy which most of time exhausts me, raising you is the sweetest challenge in my life.

You feed yourself. I have to be ready with two plates or bowls. One of them is yours, where I put some of the food for you to eat. The other one is mine, where I keep the rest and save them from not landing on the floor. The phase of throwing the food on the floor had passed. Now that you are able eat properly, even though you like to hold the spoon your own way and never you let me show how to handle it correctly.

When you're ready to take a bath, you know where to get your towel. You take your t-shirt off (with my assistance) and your pants by yourself. You quickly put your clothes in the laundry basket before proceeding to the bathroom. Thank you for helping bunda for I don't need to pick up any dirty clothes on the floor.

And yes, you love being organized, without me telling you what to do. Maybe unconsciously I've been showing you how I do things. It's amazing to witness how you had learned. Indeed it's more amazing to understand how you picked up on those things from the angle which I have never imagined. When you see used tissue on the floor, you want to toss it out. I still keep all the bins out of your sight. We have no bins in all the bedrooms, in the living room or at the kitchen. Simply because you liked to dig the bins. At least that was what you did when you started to crawl. I know you're older now, but I just don't feel ready to reveal the bin yet, in case you'll get excited seeing it. I still keep them out of your reach. One in the bathroom, at the laundry room and one in the store. When you want to toss out any rubbish, you get me to open the door.

When you accidentally dropped the rice on the sofa, you quickly climbed on the table, took a ply of tissue and wiped the rice off the sofa. Surprisingly! I know the sofa was then clean but the rice was everywhere on the floor. But who would mind the dirty floor when I have a brilliant boy with such a great effort. A few minutes after that, you accidentally spilled the water on the floor. Then again you took two plies of tissue and wipe the water off. It's amazing to know that you had found solution to your problem. The second time when you knew that it's water, you took more tissue cause you knew you need more to wipe it off. What a great decision you made, a decision by a little boy like you. I am so proud.

You also (sometimes) tidy up after playing. You put your Tonka cars back in the shoe box. You place all your toys back on the table. You put the remote controls into their pockets and you put your bottle in the sink right after you finish drinking. You're a smart cute creature and  I hope you'll stay that way.

Sheraz my little sunshine, I am glad to have you now. You have changed my whole perspective in life in just twenty months! I can't imagine my life without you.

Hugs and kisses,


Sabrina Rafaella said...

Such a lovely happy little boy! :D Now he and siredik can run together dona haha! :)

amirah said...

sweet!lovely note..smartnya sheraz..and comel oso..hihi

The Cat Hag said...

Awww he is so beautiful. :)

The Cat Hag

Rose said...

Sabrina, oh yea now that Siredik can walk and run. Sure, they can!

Amirah, alhamdulillah. Thank you aunty Amirah

Hi Addie. thanks :)

merahitujambu said...

comel jeee...nak cium ank akak tu leh