On the Mother's Day

I love the DH for many reasons, one of them is his thoughtful and sensitive nature. We celebrated Mother's Day by going out. (what else?). The most important thing is his effort to make us happy. I chose where to eat, no cook for the weekend okay! and Sheraz spent the day playing at the playland.


I love being a mom!


At the end of the day, DH bought his mother and myself a cake and handbags each for both of us! I wished my mother were around. My mother and MIL gave me the inspiration, without them I never knew how strong a mother can be.

Happy Mother's Day to every mother who's reading this :) Let's keep being strong.


amirah said...

wow...bestnya..how lucky u are..

||kiena|| said...

seryes sensitive gile roy! lucky u Dona! Ims??? huh,.. bermimpi je lah,.. wish pon tadak! heh,.. sabo je lah ade laki emotionless! =P

Rose said...

sekali-sekala, Amira :)

Kiena, Ims bukan emotionless kan, dia pemalu la :)

~ As ~ said...

auwww very hot mommy, both of u.ehehe...happy mothers day dear.

*luv Syahnia* said...

sis,kamu klihatan awet muda ;)

p/s: tq sis 4 header
ada entry utk akak ;P

zacky ~786~ said...

alaa comel .~

Rose said...

Ain, awet muda? akak dah tua ke? :P

Terima kasih. Sheraz mmg comel :)

merahitujambu said...

seronok je sambut hari ibu...kalau dulu akak wish kt mak akak..nanti anak akak pula yang wish kt akak..cantik jee akak ni

*saya memang follower kak aida..akak kenal dia eh??

Rose said...


x de lah biasa2 je. ~blushed~

Saya kenal kak Aida, coursemate kat uni dulu.