Happy Eighteen Months

My Dearest Little Sheraz,

Happy Eighteen months old, sayang. Bunda is just not ready with your monthly letter. I have it drafted at the office today. Looks like I left it on the desk. It's quite long, and too emotional, maybe I'll wait for the right moment to write it openly here.

We want you to be a good person, and we do pray for that. Please stop yelling when you don't get what you want. Please don't throw your tantrum so often, cause I love to see you laugh. I love when you ask me to chase you, you would laugh out loud and run as fast as you can. You're still obsessed playing with the vacuum cleaner, and make the noisy sound of it. You create your own game and brilliantly play things your own way we never thought of.  You're so imaginative and sometimes can be organized, like putting the remote controls into the pocket. You are an independent little boy. Look at you, you're getting taller, you can reach the door knob.

Please keep being smart, bright and bubbly. I'm looking forward to hear you say the words we would understand. Cause you've been talking your own language for quite a while now.

The most important thing is I want you to know that bunda and ayah love you, always.

Hugs and kisses,


alana said...

happy 18th monthsary sheraz! hehe.. nadira's will next week.. been really bz lately. luckily it's school break.. hehe.. so got d chance to blog;)..

dona::rose said...

Hi mama Nadira. I miss you actually. lama x ada update. somemtimes no news is good news. :)