Photoshop Magic

I love this photo. But Sheraz looks like he's sleepy or tired here. That makes the picture kind of less alive.

I love this one too. Sheraz looks perfect with that little finger pointing to the sky and those little feet, standing on the tiptoes. His expression was flushed with excitement. So natural. Except for DH. He looks too serious here, contrasts with the little guy's excitation.

So I tried to merge both photos, get rid of Sheraz's expression in the first picture and DH's in the second.  With a little skill and a bit of imagination, I got this.

Can hardly see that this one is actually manipulated. yay! I like.


Isabel said...

Yay! That is so perfect! =)

Sabrina Rafaella said...

Smoothly done! :D

Anyway, I prefer the 2nd photo. They look more attached; both looking up. It's better if Roy can make that 'shock' + amazed face :) And yes, I totally agreed with you that photoshop really can do wonders. I can look less, (less-lah) fat after the editing. Haha!

I always take both of the boys pictures as well, until dom get fed-up of posing haha! Sometimes it's just unexplainable how much we love to take photo's isn't it :P

dona::rose said...

Isabel: yay thank you!

Sabrina: So you like the second one is it. I agree, if roy had a shocked face then it would be better.
yes, we have another one thing in common! I like to take photos of them until one day I realized I only got a few photos of me and the little one. lol

nad said...

that is a wow!