Look What He Did to the Study Room

No, this little boy didn't do any mischief. It's the father. I'm not saying he did a mischief though. It's just that I was shocked to see all this. Now our study room looks like a mini bicycle store.


Sabrina Rafaella said...

Exactly the SAME! Everything is everywhere! Ours is even worst dona. Since our house now is smaller, everything is everywhere; socks, hand glove, cycling shirt, the cycling 'watch'(?) -not sure what is it called- and its accessories,extra pedal,extra rim, extra tires,extra bicycle body (everything must have its extra's) my..my..


dona::rose said...

LOL. Roy chose the study room to put everything in. At least it's better than at the living room or our bedroom.

Your future house is quite big. you can have one room dedicated for the bike equipments. and Sabrina, I think we're still lucky cause the equipments are either tiny or skinny and they may not be bulkier. Except for the huge black bike case/bag.