Is being destructive a milestone?

Other than hide and seek, this has also been his favorite game since he was able to crawl: throwing stuffs! He likes to throw everything, unfortunately up to today. We have all our cabinets and drawers locked, but the lock of one in his room was broken (two times) because he had successfully pushed and pulled it so many times over and over again until it failed. He likes to unload the drawer, dumps all his clothes out, everywhere on the floor. Plus dropping everything out of his cot. He just likes it. And I'm the kind who can't stand to see the mess, so I put everything back and there he repeats throwing everything all over again. I think it's a great fun for him. Seeing the look on his face, he's so happy.

When I'm driving, he likes to play the same thing. Throwing his bolster, Hippie (his orange hippo) and bottle. And he expects me to hand them back. And mind, he's at the back seat. Of course I can 'play' with him during the red light, but not while I'm driving! If I just ignore him he would scream on top of his lung. sigh.

He likes to hold something and bang or knock it. So noisy! If he's knocking and suddenly finds the rhythm, he would just jig like he's playing a music instrument. But once again, I see the look on his face, he's so proud and happy. Who would not stop being mad seeing the little creature smiles!

Now I notice that he likes to play games which involve me or other people. He's been good at playing solo since he was able to sit on his own- 7 months ago. We could leave him playing alone in his room or in his cot. Only recently he wants to be watched while he's playing. He wants us to see that he can now stack the rings instead of just throwing them. But one minute he's stacking them, the other minute he's throwing them all. I just hope he's not being destructive. Hopefully it's more to exporing and being fascinated to play with new things and finding out how it's like to throw things and maybe also finding out other people's reaction to what he's doing.

Now let's assume this a milestone.


::Ida:: said...

i'd say milestone :P
hariz pon suka do this. org bagi, dier campak keluar. sometimes suka tepis2.
paling suka is tisu. suka koyak2 sampai hancuq!

dona::rose said...

haha. yay sama