Budak Sarawak

His fringe was long, so last month my dad was supposed to trim it a bit. What happened was he did mistakenly cut it slanted. So he fixed the bangs resulting in having them too short. Today they're longer so the little boy's looking less funny. Everyone said he looks like these kids~**

Kids of one of the tribes in Sarawak.

Sheraz said "Nah!"


Sabrina Rafaella said...

Haha! sheraz is a funny boy.

Btw, dona. You know what..in a way I kinda like his hair with that 'kayan kenyah' look. Unique. :P

dona::rose said...

haha. ya, last time you mentioned his hair looked kacak, i thought kacak sbb hitam kah, or thick kah, paduhal becos of the 'style'

So, it's kayan or kenyah. I thought it's penan whose hair like that.

Sabrina Rafaella said...

Kayan,kenyah,penan pun ada juak.Basically the "orang ulu's" :)