Happy Thirteen Months

Dear my little Sheraz,

Yesterday you turned thirteen months old. I was supposed to write last month on your first birthday but the fact that you're turning one year old made me feel terribly sad that it distracted me to write one. I guess the fear of losing you is so big that I couldn't accept the fact that you're no longer a baby, that soon you'll be living your life and getting busy with your own activities. You're getting to become your own person, and less needing me.

We began counting your life in hours, then days and weeks, then months. And now we begin to count your life in years. I remember how you have reached each of your milestone during your first year. Every one of them was a joy and proud to bunda and ayah. Started when you learned to smile, rolling over, pushing your head up, sitting, standing up, crawling, cruising and finally walking. How time flies.

Now that you are walking and running more stably even though you may still fall here and there. You kick balls, you climb, run, play & discover new different things a lot. You babble and talk, yell and scream, giggle and belly laugh. You are an interesting character even though I can't stand when you're throwing a tantrum. Especially these days when your separation of anxiety's striking.

This morning I was surprised when I mentioned 'clock' and you quickly looked and pointed at the one on the wall. You also pointed to ayah when I said 'ayah'. You still like to jig when listening to the music. You, me and ayah like to play hide and seek. I like to see the look at your face when you get to find us. You also like to run and expect us to chase you. When you think you cannot run further away, you just scream and try to shrink your body. It's funny.

Sheraz please don't stop being a happy healthy child. Keep on progressing and be a good person. We love you and we wish the very best for you.

Hugs and kisses,

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