Separation Anxiety

It's only the three of us at home. DH has been travelling a lot. Sometimes he could be away for 3 days in a week. So left only Sheraz and me at home. For sure I can't be with the little one every time. I got to spend at least a little of my own time for the toilet or eating. He can play and be on his own terms but as when I move to leave him, he'd quickly cling to me or wail. And it's not easy to pry him off of me. This started to worsen when he nearly turned a year old. Now when I leave him at the nursery the wails grow louder. I guess when he was younger, he didn't 'understand' how to miss me. Now I can't even be out of his sight.

When I close the bathroom door to get a quick shower, he'd run to me and knock on the door and scream at the top of his lung. He'll only be calm when I hug or carry him and stay beside him while he's playing. The little boy seems to be always alert and notice every time I attempt to 'run away'.

I hope this anxiety won't last forever. He's maturing, I know. One day he'll live his own life with school, activities, friends or a mate. I'll be the one who look back on these days, when I couldn't pry his hands off my leg.


ibudhani said...

ala cian sheraz nangis ye....dani pun xbole tengok mak dia xde...dona, sometime i tpksa mandi bukak pintu...hehehe...n mandi cpt2...

comel la sheraz!!

Sabrina Rafaella said...

haha! so cute.. tok mesti nya nangis mok lepas dari baby-cot. siredik is also like that, sikboleh nanggar kmk limpas.terus mok cling..nangis sampei hentak2 palak lagi..adui..

sometimes i had to put him in a sling while i do housework.tetido nya kdg2..

dona::rose said...

cute? kalau nangis x comel pun. huhu

Ibu Dhani, hehe saya pun kadang2 mandi bukak pintu, tarik cot dia sampai depan pintu bathroom. (oops bocor rahsia)

Sabrina, sheraz pun kadang2 hentak palak. bila dengar bunyik tok tok, nya akan ulang balit sbb suka.