Happy Fourteen Months

Dear Sheraz my little poppet,

Yesterday you turned fourteen wonderful months old. I remember a year ago was the time of returning to work after a full two months of cuddling and getting to know you. It was really hard for me to even think how I should be coping to leave you for hours. Leaving you that time was the last thing I would do.

Today I was given a half day off since tomorrow is Raya Eid Al-Adha. I really would like to take you early at the nursery but I was driven by the fact that a time like this was like once in a life time to be able to go out freely on a working day! So I did take the opportunity, heading myself to the mall instead. Once I reached there somebody from the centre texted me informing that you've been crying as you're running out of milk. And so I went down only to buy two cans of milk, forgetting about the inconceivable window shopping. I felt guilty. I knew I should have taken you earlier.

Once I reached there you were playing as if nothing happened. When you already had a bottle with you, you just played with it, not even had a gulp. The most you are having in your mind is always play, play and play. Even when you're tired, you still fight your sleepiness so that you won't stop playing for as long as you are able to. When your body can't cope with your imagination, you just lie down, snuggle down on the carpet or between the cushions cuddling yourself before dozing off on your own. Clearly, you sleep better now. Plus, you do not need to suckle to be put to bed. That's a good thing, little boy.

You're unstoppable, in a good way. I don't know how to describe the unstoppability in a better way, but you like to run here and there, try to work out a lot of things so that they work as what you expect. All you want to do is doing things your way, treating your toys and every single thing around your own way. You understand what a "no" is. But you're just too excited to please us for not doing so. There were once you wanted to go to the kitchen, but when ayah made a hint that you're not supposed to go there, you came back to the living room half heartedly, giving a look of appeal on your face and a little whimper of protest so that ayah would allow you. Then you just ran to the kitchen before ayah gave you another hint. It's funny to see you came back to the living room, whimpering so you could be excused to go.

Sheraz, our little sunshine. Have I ever mentioned about you jigging when you listen to the music? It's not only jig, you even dance! It's not that we're proud to have a dancer in the house, but simply to us it's a fun milestone! You move rhythmically to music and even turn your body around a few times. And seriously, no body taught you such movement. You know when you're walking and suddenly you hear a music being played, your body automatically jigs. You look like you're being forced to move or shall I say you look like a robot which is programmed to move every time a music being played.

Sheraz, it's another month and we keep on counting. You're still the little angel we first met fourteen months ago. You're busy and we don't want to consider it naughty because all you have to do now is growing and learning. If being busy is the way you sprout, just make it happen. May Allah protect you.

Hugs and kisses,


||kiena|| said...

he surely cute when he whimper! hah, imagining super duper cute! wondering how is my little liam doing dat too,..

dona::rose said...

x lama lagi liam buat tu, kiena. hehe. cute sampai nak marah pun x jadi.