Excited Yet Nervous - version 03?

This is what the blog is all about:

v.01 Excited Yet Nervous -
My First Pregnancy

v.02 Excited Yet Nervous -
Our Life with the Little One

and shall I start the version 03?
Our Life with the Little one and the Second Little One in the Oven


||kiena|| said...

Dona! OMG Shiraz going to fren in da house! Alhamdulillah, good to hear that! COngratssss,.. xoxo

Aida Rasol said...

Wah... congrate Dona... how many mnths??

alana said...

congrates dona;)) 4 me, nnti dlu tmbah.. lum settle down lg.. huhu..;P

Sabrina Rafaella said...

I heard!! haha! Dah confirm lah ya? I was waiting for you to blog about this. Gosh! Congratulations dona! I am really happy for you..eh,eh..cepat tu.. :P I know, once we have the first one of course mesti nak nambah. I know that feeling :D

Anyway, yes you should start with v03. Can't wait to read about it! :)

dona::rose said...

Thanks to all!

Kiena: aar, Sheraz is goin to be a big brother. Boleh ker dia

Kak Aida: baru around 7 weeks

dona::rose said...

Noe: Ni pun sebenarnya plan nak tambah nanti2 tapi dah ter- :b

Sabrina: wah Dom told you? I think their whole office dah tau. Even my office just a few people knw only, I guess. Malu jak. I only told one then everyone knows. But it's confirmed :)