Dear H

Dear Cik Abangku Royzaid,

Yesterday you called and asked me why I haven't updated the blog for quite some time. So, now I'm updating for you, since you've been there in Sandakan for 4 days, which we hate cause it was no fun having the weekend without you, ayah. Sheraz has been good. But he's been so naughty busy as usual. I'm grateful that this pregnancy is still at early stage as I don't have any problem chasing him here and there. Boy he likes to climb the TV cabinet, I just wish the TV is somewhere on the wall, but again, we know we won't like how it would look. Plus, the little guy will still be able to access to the TV, hitting the screen surface with the remote control in his hand. Every time he wants to climb, he would look at me and smile, waiting for my reaction. He knows I would yell, but he never cares. You know when I sing Ba ba black sheep, he would stop his intention to climb and quickly searching for his book instead where the ba ba black sheep is. Next time we can use the same strategy.

I had hard time feeding him cause he didn't want to eat! He grabbed the spoon instead. So I just let him feed himself then only he wanted to have the food. But you know that it was messy, as long as he had the bite I'm okay. So here are the naughty pictures. And he likes to joke and make faces. Your little boy.

The last four days were like a long night for me, not because of your absence :P, but because of Sheraz's early hour going to bed. After Magrib he would just doze off easily. Snuggling on the carpet, throwing cushions and getting cuddled and suddenly falls asleep. This is him, do you notice how 'long' he is. He looks much more like a big boy to me now.

So abang, ayah, come home soon. I need a back up here :D. We miss and love you.


Making faces again.


||kiena|| said...

sheraz! your hair-cut just like little Liam! (will update soon =))
psst... rase nak gigit je sheraz nih, dona!
btw, take care dear,...

dona::rose said...

dah tengok! mmg sama hair cut tu. Apa kata kita sebut trend baby terkini. hehe.:D take care~