Meeting Mohammad Don Sheraz

We just came back from a conference called Datum. As you can see it's an international design forum which is held annually. It's kind of a big event for architects and designers. I've been working for nearly three years now but this is my first time of having the chance to go. I'm grateful that DH is in the same profession as I am, not only he understands the nature of my work life, we also share knowledge and a lot of things let's say, in the same language (but luckily we don't work at the same place or else we'd be dying of boredom). Although it'd be cool if he's a doctor or banker cause I'd have known other things too. Anyway, he also joined the conference, and yes we flew together.

So now what's the relevant of meeting Sheraz? Well it started because of this issue, where he rejects to take formula. Up to now we've tried eight different brands of milk but none suited him. I guess he won't take whatever milk he's offered unless if it's what he's having now which is very limited. He's still exclusively breastfed and my supply is just not enough for a few day stock. So of course he had to follow us. Then once again, luckily DH went along.

[ Happy boy on flight ]

It's a good opportunity to meet relatives from my mother's side. They have never met the baby. Imagine how sad it is. Thanks to the kindness of my aunty Mak Yah who volunteered to baby-sit him with the help of my cousins Raihana and Ezra. Our conference was on Friday and Saturday, so Mak Yah was forcedly willingly to take a one day leave.

Then on Saturday night she invited all family members in KL for a dinner plus gathered to meet the little one. Not everyone managed to come though. InsyaAllah we'll get to see the rest in Penang this coming raya.

And so we took a few snaps of family portraits.

Rashard and his Fairy Godmother, kak Wina

Then on Sunday night before leaving for Kuching we visited tokcik Nab (my late grand ma's sister) and tokcik Harun.

The last time I met most of them was 2 years ago. Next time we will need to prepare a proper planning for a holiday. InsyaAllah. Now I'm asking myself this question why am I living far from everyone.


::Ida:: said...

aahhh happy boy sheraz..
tak sempat nak jumpa sheraz aritu..
insyallah, raya nnti kita jumpa kay..
hariz pon nak jumpa kawan diaa :D

donarose said...

Yer lah x sempat.
Raya insyaAllah both babies jumpa :D