Family Logo?

I just changed a bit of this blog's graphic. Not a new layout though because I'm pretty much liking it. I updated the what I say our little Family Logo.

This is the first one I created. The silhouette is our own body outline, except for the pram.

This is the new one. I omitted the pram since Sheraz is no longer little. So I introduced his own outline. This intentionally will be updated from time to time. When Sheraz is getting bigger and taller this logo will be changed as well.

Updates will also include the new comers. lol.


::Ida:: said...

oiihhh.. ramai nyer anak dona!!!
1,2,3,4,5! best nyaaa sheraazz!!! :D

Mroyz said...

Ida... ada 6. yang kat luar tu 5. Dona mengandung sorang lagi hehe...

donarose said...

aih. mroyz tu tiba2 pulak nak komen. Laju jer. Hehe.

Ida, tu la MACAM best jer kalu ramai. Lol

ella said...


::Ida:: said...

hahaha... roy pon nak komen? hehehe.. hint tu kot dona..

best kan ramai2.. insyallah :)

boleh ke roy :P