Happy Ten Months

Dear Little Sheraz,

Today you turn 10 happy months old. I always say a little wish to you in the morning of every of your birthdaydate. I know it's too early for you to understand what that means. That's the reason why it becomes important to me to write something about it every month. For bunda and ayah it's a little celebration for experiencing one of the most wonderful priceless moment in life, it is to have you. Everything seems to be gone as quickly as they happened. One day insyaAllah you'll get the chance to understand how happy and grateful we are through the writings, series of your childhood memories.

Sheraz- bunda's little boy, You still like to spurt and spray, making bubbles and quick fountain. A few days ago you played with your tongue and teeth. You were like anxious to discover there are a lot of other things you can do with parts of your body. The same thing happens when you're trying to walk. You were so anxious the first time you were able to cruise around. Then you discovered that you still can stand on your feet without you holding on to anything. It happened only a second or two. Sometimes when you cry you could stand up a bit longer. It looks funny every time you realize you're standing, you'd quickly get your body back to the ground and or start to find other place to hold on to. I think you're afraid or simply gayat to stand on your feet.

It's been a few times that you 'walked' and took a few steps. I don't know whether I have to record and consider it as walking because the most you can do is 3 steps. When you cruise around and want to move from one furniture to the other, you'd have one or two steps before quickly reach the furniture. Sometimes we slide one of them farther so that you can take more and more steps, but you always end up crawling because you think you won't be able to reach it. Or maybe you just feel gayat?

Sheraz bunda's little poppet, I just noticed that you seem to be gaining weight. Your arms start to collect fat and they look chubbier, I can feel your body is heavier as I carry you. However you still look lean and your body is getting longer and I see your head is large, a bit out of proportion to your body. But as long as you're healthy and active, we won't be worried. You eat a lot. I love to cook your meal because you tend to like them all, be it combinations of chicken, fish, and vegetables.

Sheraz, you're a happy little boy, you smile, laugh and play a lot. When you grin you show your big upper teeth and those two little bottom ones. They're still 6 numbers in total, no additional ones since you were 6 months old. You bite a lot but luckily less biting me.

You are a very independent person, you have your own world and we respect that. You make yourself busy all the time, playing and exploring every second. I can even sometimes leave you for a quick shower when you're too busy playing. You like to play with the stacking rings, the push toy but mostly everything which is not even a toy, e.g the desk chair, remote controls, vacuum cleaner and wheels, any kind of wheels. You refuse to be inside your walker but you love to play with it and push it instead. Your favorite toy is still Ee-O. He's now too dirty for something that's always in your mouth. It seems that it has become your "smelly pillow". Ayah doesn't let me wash it, just not yet. I remember myself or my sister got upset when your Mak Incik washed our smelly pillows. Now I know why she did that but at the same time now I know why I'm in between, to wash or not to.

Sheraz bunda's sunshine, I think it's a bit too early to expect you calling me. I can hear something you say like "nda" and a lot of "ayah". But those words appear among your babbled words. You say a lot of 'mama' and surprisingly 'ibu' which I think a coincident, a combination of 'ee' and 'boo'. Sometimes you'd scream, I'd get a sudden adrenaline rush and only relieved when I found that it's just your way to express excitement.

Sheraz, those priceless moments are actually a little of so many which I can't write one by one. You just have to know that for me every second with you is precious. I can be really in bad mood if my works force me to be a away from you, even a little longer. I hope you can get through it and become a more independent young boy. I just hope you won't feel neglected because of your parents' absence. You just have to know that we love you always, wherever we are.

Hugs and kisses,


~suNshiNe~ said...

pandai bergambar la Sheraz...
cute picture..

::Ida:: said...

he can walk on his own dah ke? dah besar dah darling sheraz... lagi 2 months dah 1 yr old!! :D

donarose said...

~suNshiNe~ hehe. dia x posing. kebetulan jer sempat snap.

::Ida:: x sangka kan dah 10 bulan rupanya. Dia jalan 2 step jer, masih selalu jatuh. most of the time masih merangkak.

ibudhani said...

dh besa la sheraz.....ok la tu b4 1yr da 2 step...dani 1yr br start dpt tahtih 2 step.......

donarose said...

ibudhani: ye ke, normal kan. tapi skrg mesti dhani dah berlari :b

butter-and-fly said...

sheraz muka kakak banget..
ada sdikit aku nya juga.. hihihi