Standing Up

Sheraz is 7 months old

Since I haven't put it here, now I'm posting these pictures. So this is how he stands in the cot. Every morning, WHENEVER he's in a good mood, he'd just play in his cot while I'm getting ready to work. But if he's a bit cranky, he'd just prefer the walker rather than being 'caged'. we have lowered the cot base, as we anticipate that it's not impossible if one day he'll be able to climb without our knowing. It is yes real scary.

These pictures were taken a few days ago at 4 AM in the morning, he woke me up wanting to play. And that wasn't the first time. If he thinks he's waking up for the day, THAT'S IT, somebody needs to wake up and accompany him even if it's as early as 4 AM! He'd protest if I dim the light or ask him to get back to sleep.

Sometimes, I just lie down while he's doing his thing. But guess what, he'd stand, look for me and laugh when he sees me. He thinks I'm hiding to play peekaboo.


::Ida:: said...

ala comel nyer sheraz. dah boleh diri2 dah.. cepat jugak sheraz ni ek.. hehehe.. takpe.. hariz is just right behind u :)

donarose said...

yes, he'll sure follow soon! this raya if we have the chance to meet, both of them dah boleh main kejar2 dah. hehe