Back to the Cycle

The first period after my LMP - December 12th 2008 - just appeared. It was nearly 16 months of having period-free life! and so now I'm back to a "new life".

Isn't it weird to have one without cramping? Not that I'm expecting but I've been having the bad cramps my whole baligh life. This time I don't feel any. Alhamdulillah I hope I will be saying bye bye for good to the period pain.

By the way, my mom said, "Boleh hamil lagi." Oh yes but no, can't think about another pregnancy and birth - not for the time being . Still traumatized.


ella said...

yeah me too. no more period pain.

donarose said...

yay! Do you think it's for good? Do you mean no more means really NO MORE? Wah!

ella said...

hope it's gone forever.. hehe!