Teething (again & still) and Standing

Sheraz is 6 months, 3 weeks and 1 day old

I've been on a hiatus for a week. The same reason: not enough time to reward myself with internet and blog time :D

Within a week Sheraz has been getting smarter and crankier. Yes, he's cranky, doesn't like to be left alone and he seems to get angry very easily. I have to blame it on the teething. Now that the bottom two middle ones are now obviously there. We now also can see a few top front teeth trying to pop through. It must be frustrating for him to deal with, until those cutie pearly white poke through his gums. May Allah make things easy for him. Amin.

Last week (30th March) we witnessed him standing. Now he likes to climb, grab the nearest objects for him to climb and pull himself to a stand. This morning I saw him standing on his cot! Although it maybe now to early for him to climb out of the cot, we already have adjusted his cot base to one level lower.

DH managed to snap the LO's first attempt to stand.


::Ida:: said...

awww sudah nak berdiri? hebat la sheraz... hariz pon start mengesot2 tapi the only havent change is his sleeping pattern :( plus getting worse! at 3am, he will wakes up n tanak tido balik. kena main until 4am baru tido. then wakes up again after half n hour.. huhuhu now wonder im getting thinner now.

ella said...

hahaha! pantang lepa mesti nak memanjat2 kan? congrats sheraz!

donarose said...

Ida: waa sekejap lagi merangkak..

Hang in there, Hopefully he'll develop a better sleeping pattern so0n.

Ella: "Thnx Aunty Ella". yup skrg ni tgh hobby memanjat!

ibudhani said...

salam....donarose...sy bg awak award....