"Boleh Tahan"

That's what the doctor said after giving Sheraz an injection of the third and the last Hepatitis B vaccine. So today we went for his 6-month visit. So far Sheraz NEVER cried when the doctor gave him jabs. Every month the doctor would say "You better not recognize me" or "You can cry." But Sheraz never did. He's a strong little boy! (By the way, this is the video during his 3-month visit.) Excuse me if I sound like a proud momma :D


ibudhani said...

donarose...anda di tag...sile la keblog sy ye

Ar-Afiq said...

patutla xda update. Dah tukar blog paduhal. Dah besar sheraz oh! Alhamdulillah.

donarose said...

ibu Dhani: TQ! jawabnya bila yer? :D

Afiq: apakabar? lamak sikda cerita.

aok, lamak dah tukar url. gatal mao tukar. hehe