Earth Hour!

Okay, only today I recall that there's supposed to be an Earth Hour on Saturday night! This is the second time I missed to participate this global event. Last year I blamed my pregnancy absent mindedness. The good thing is both me and DH were asleep during the Earth Hour. But the bad thing is that we both slept with LOTS of LIGHTS ON.

And about this year's event, I mean two days ago, I just can't recall what I did during that particular hour. I had the intention of participating. After all we belong to this earth, so a little contribution would be something. But it seems unlucky to the earth for sheltering such an oblivious person like me. Lol.

So, I shall try again next year :D


ella said...

i missed both event too. the first one i was away for a vacation. and the recent one i was away at genting. but dua2 pon lampu kat rumah tutup. kira participate la jugak kan? hehe!

ibudhani said...

donarose.. same la 1st Earth hr, ku pn preggy jgk...2nd ni, stil bukak jgk lampu...on yg watt rendah je...

laaaa...kelakarnye..terlupe ek....hihkhikk

donarose said...

At least you experienced mcm mana rupa earth hour tu :D

tu la, dah jadi mommy xkan terus jd pelupa kot!