He's Crawling!

Sheraz is 6 months, 1 week and 5 days old

After a week of learning to balance his body to sit, finally he is now crawling!

It all started when he showed us that he's able to rock back and forth in crawling position. Then he was able to go backwards- only moving backwards for a few days, paralleled the sitting skill.

And, Two days ago we witnessed him took about two steps stop and then another two. His biggest achievement as of today is four to five steps, and still slithers on his tummy to reach the things he aims.

Sheraz seems to be enthusiastic to be getting mobile. I think his reaching and grabbing desire encourages him to move. He likes any kind of remote controls, handphones and my laptop. Every time these 'miraculous' objects are within his sight, he would try his best to reach them.

Well done Sheraz!


ella said...

something that i learn about babies yg dah mobile ni, they are more attracted to things that belong to us. whenever i was using the laptop, longgok la barang mainan dia selambak depan mata pon dia tak heran. nak jugak panjat2 laptop i!

anyway congrats to sheraz for the achievement!

donarose said...

Thnx Ella :D

Aar la, dia lebih interested to know other things rather than the toys. Moral of the story, xyah beli mainan (?) and buy our own stuffs :b