Further to my weight..

.. issue. I received a phone call from my dear dad. He just wanted to ask me why I am now that THIN. He wondered if it's due to financial problem that I don't have enough money for food. He also mentioned I should have informed him so he could be of help to us.

I was like "oh dear?!"

Myself and DH got married and headed off into the workforce easily two and half years ago. Financially, yes, we're not that stable to our parents. Plus we got a baby and everybody knows babies are expensive! Things may be a bit tight financially but not to the extent that we don't eat! It's a normal thing, we're young couple who just started life and got lots of demands. But no worries, bapak. We are still kicking.

By the way, he also said that my brother is willing to help too. Well, I was speechless because I was so delighted of knowing how sweet his concern is. I wanted to cry at the same time but was clueless whether it's supposed to be a happy or a sad weep cause I also felt self-pity over my own 'destitution'. No lah, we're fine InsyaAllah.


ella said...

wow! baiknye father u.. so lucky!

donarose said...

alhamdulillah. he's a supportive father :D

Aida Rasol said...

Dona, i think it's normal to face tough side of our life esp young married couple who blessed with child/ren for early 3-4 yrs of marriage kan?? Hard time make us better right. Me also facing the same prob but it's good if our parents show their concern.. but dont let b too pampered. Nanti x berdikari pulak kan?? Anyway, ur father is such a caring and loving person. Lucky u!!

donarose said...

Kak Aida, yes it's normal. and we gotta remember no matter how susah we are, there are more people out there lebih susah.

and, I so agree with you, hard time makes us better! InsyaAllah ALL of us will breeze through any hardships. Just hang in there